last night, my colleagues decided to hang-around in the city after the office-hour, sealed the deal through our group-chat. some people would loved to go, there are ones who joined the conversation but apparently couldn’t make it to the meet-up, and the other ones stayed as a silent reader. yes, including me.

actually, i miss them. like, a lot.
never in my life, that i experienced being so close with friends and feel so happy because i got to see their face. weird, they seem beauty on their own. generally, there’s nothing serious being talked in. their existence itself, the inside jokes they made, the chill ambiance, their attentiveness, i like them all.

i’m pretty much familiar about that kind of meet up. basically they are joking, asking about our daily or even major problem, then talk about it like it’s nothing serious. everything feels lighten up and seems like we have nothing to worry about anything. glad that they are still the same person as they were. probably i’m the one who refuse to change as we aged, that their experience outgrowth mine. it feels like i always the one who put the distance towards the people i like.

perhaps because i had this in mind; i don’t deserve any love in this world because i am afraid that i can’t give the same amount of love back. i really hate to imagine that they’ll get pulled into my negativity. i hate to think that they have to sacrifice, and while we’re at it, i will fail to protect them.

but uh, sometimes i  also hate myself for thinking that way.
i hate to constantly contemplate a lot under this vicious cycle.
it’s no use, please get yourself back together.


from the way i deliver stories through my posts, perhaps you can see that i’m far from being a bright person, nor having an outstanding talents. rather than being great, i can do few things that i enjoy with a nearly good result. at least this is according to my own standard, lol. in this case, the context is me being an editor and create a good things using photoshop.

i know, i am not good at it, i just like the way the colors blend prettily. and how the picture that i picked, compliments the other pictures with a little bit editing here and there. the neat cutting, composure, humorous aftertaste, is done under my own control and assessment. i think i do have a complex of easily being satisfied by a small target, yet rewarding. not very fond of a long term goals though, that is why i am always in trouble when it comes to the commitment.

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as much as i thought that i am not that ambitious, in fact, i kinda bit am. now i agree that all of people really do have an eager to win, depends on which situation snaps the most.

few days ago, she told me about a website called efset. it is a site to test your proficiency in english, consists of questions in a form of reading and listening sections. the result will come as a score, of course, the classification into a group and also the explanation behind the group’s classification. this test is provided by a language institution named english first.

there are 2 free test, basically. the easier one is a 15-minutes long test which has a simple questions and there is no passage in a reading section. i got this score when i first done the test.

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