burn out

these days, again, i feel easily burn out. it’s not that i stoop to the level of detaching myself completely from my responsibility, it’s that the negative one remains as the highlight for most days. this is, difficult.

to have people by your side who constantly remind you about how worthless you are, sometimes it happens right after you’re having a bad day and when i want to only by yourself. it’s not a pleasant but the ambiance lingers. it sucks to the point, for every negative words they said, i fired back in a form of wishful thinking for them to disappear from the world that i live in.

why do i keep highlighting the negative moments, everyday when i still hope to live? is it because there’s nothing positive that’s worth to be remembered happen? why do i keep thinking that people keep attaching chains toward my hands, legs, mind? how can i believe that there’s a great amount of chains on my body, visible through my dream, as a form of some people who refuse to let me by?

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today is probably the 7th day of me not working from the office, since i’m too lazy to count the day. why, you ask?

i like to work near my parent’s house, tbh. convenient, not too pain in the ass because there’s no need to ride the too-packed-commuter line to go home. for real though, i’ve seen countless expressions of people who nearly passed out during the trip because of the lack of personal space. well, what do you expect for the fastest vehicle in the city with approximate half-dollar fare commuter line anyway?
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chilly day

morning, dear me.

finally it’s 25th dec! actually i should have gone to work now, but i’m too tired that i had a part time yesterday. To which the shift just ended at 1 am.

a little while ago, the sky has granted us a heavy rain, something that we barely accept since the season changed. the comfortable feeling because of the chilly ambiance, plus the glass of warm drink really make my day. half of my family are also here with me too, there’s no loud shouting at the morning, everything is so simple. So even my body’s aching, luckily, my mind is at ease.

have a great day 😉