from the way i deliver stories through my posts, perhaps you can see that i’m far from being a bright person, nor having an outstanding talents. rather than being great, i can do few things that i enjoy with a nearly good result. at least this is according to my own standard, lol. in this case, the context is me being an editor and create a good things using photoshop.

i know, i am not good at it, i just like the way the colors blend prettily. and how the picture that i picked, compliments the other pictures with a little bit editing here and there. the neat cutting, composure, humorous aftertaste, is done under my own control and assessment. i think i do have a complex of easily being satisfied by a small target, yet rewarding. not very fond of a long term goals though, that is why i am always in trouble when it comes to the commitment.

but anyway.
because of this simple hobby, a friend of mine who recently just reopened her (initially it wasn’t just hers, but in the end, she took the whole brand-ownership) business back, contacted me to ask for a favor. she needed the design for a social media promotion since she currently is doing a re-brand. thus, she listed a logo, concept, brochure, etc as a content that she wanted to get.

it was a fun experience to get involve in a small project, with the different content and color every time she releases the new collection. and it’s beyond imagination when  i see my design being posted in her business’s social media. although yes, i do get a good payment for helping her and so far, she’s content with every result that comes from me. makes me wanting to be greedier and look for another potential customer as well.

i wish i can show you some of my design but i am not planning on telling anyone who i am, so let this be under your imagination.

can i just be an indie musician slash designer instead of being in an managerial position…
the answer is i definitely can, but i can’t be certain that i will get the similar payment than what i am doing right now. i don’t like being exposed, too. because i have done something similar and it’s tiring to engage with people. even though they were so positive that i am an extrovert, according to the way i socialize.

and as much as i enjoy music and coloring, let’s be real that i am not good at these fields. sucks, if i had to put it in the social-standard. because it doesn’t requires any skill at the exact period of time, there’s no deadline, no judgement towards my personal taste either. but at least i can do the basic. yeah, that’s how it matters.

guess what, i’ll be a realistic person and separate the hobby with the real deal.
hobby is an enjoyable muse because it stays as a hobby.

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