as much as i thought that i am not that ambitious, in fact, i kinda bit am. now i agree that all of people really do have an eager to win, depends on which situation snaps the most.

few days ago, she told me about a website called efset. it is a site to test your proficiency in english, consists of questions in a form of reading and listening sections. the result will come as a score, of course, the classification into a group and also the explanation behind the group’s classification. this test is provided by a language institution named english first.

there are 2 free test, basically. the easier one is a 15-minutes long test which has a simple questions and there is no passage in a reading section. i got this score when i first done the test.

EFSET 15min

this is really unexpected result, that i began to start the second test, which is a 50-minutes long test. i assume this will be harder and since i never join any formal education to learn english, i thought there is nothing to loose anyway.

my point is, this is really difficult!
even more, i am doing it in the middle of working, get some distractions, but i think i always do better in an intense pressure so.. it’s beneficial this way. i can’t do test that requires the excessive thinking. my head can’t think scientifically for a long time.

but no joke, really, as someone who can’t do proper english, this is too confusing. especially the listening section. i hardly understand the information and often got mixed when i picked the answer. i definitely had to use the 2-times chance to listen for the speaker. i probably can’t survive being in a foreign country, no?

(PS. i don’t like to cheat, search for the keyword that i don’t know, or taking notes. it will be useless this way)

and i am pretty shock to see the result.

EFSET 50min

then, i’m considered as.. proficient?
is this legit?
unexpected still.

i feel proud of myself though this is just an online test. but is it normal to be happy over something’s that rewarding? poor me, for not having a good news recently that i’m being overly ecstatic towards a little things. or maybe i get easily entertain by these small happiness since it can be found anywhere. just if you seek for the strange corner, or the different color’s of stone on your way to work, to engage with stray cats, to feel the wind breeze followed by the drops of the rain which suddenly falls, getting heavier that it slaps your face.

or just by staying still. not doing anything.
what a small happiness that affects most of my day.

but anyway.
thankyou for reading.

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